Wish List

Help us make a difference now, and for generations to come.

All donations are gratefully accepted, but we currently have enough towels/blankets and other bedding.  We also do not need any more small bird cages.  

Please see our AMAZON.CA wish list for more items we need.

Thank You for thinking of us!

Food Supplies

Dry and canned dog/cat food (kitten and puppy best)

Liquid meal replacer (Ensure) vanilla or strawberry

Frozen Smelts (small fish) 

Bird Seed - all types

Duck Pellets/Starter

Rabbit Pellets

Rodent Blocks/Monkey chow

Deer Food (rolled oats/corn)

Llama/Alpaca food

Hay/Straw bales


Shelled Nuts (unsalted)

Fresh/Frozen veggies

Fresh Fruits/Berries

Acorns/Walnuts/Maple Keys

Services & Maintenance


Fencing and cage construction

Solar Power Supplier


Tree cutting

Stuff your  Canadian Tire money into an envelope  and send it to us...we really appreciate it!

Caging  Supplies

Outdoor Rabbit cages

Reptile Terrariums (screen)

10 gallon Aquarium screened covers

Dog Kennels/runs

Dog Houses

Electric heating pads

Animal water bottles for cages

Stainless steel dishes

Grain storage bins

Metal garbage cans with lids

Straw bales, hay, wood shavings

Crushed stone/gravel/sand

Monetary donations are always needed and appreciated.

 Our on-going expenses such as food, veterinarian services, transportation costs, and the purchase of other essential supplies rely solely on donations from compassionate people like you.

Please help in any way you can.

Assorted Supplies

E-collars (cone collars)

Coffee mug warmer

Microscope slides

Brooms & dustpans

Paper Towels

Facial Tissue


Hand soap/sterilizers

Clear Rubbermaid bins

Quality Spray bottles


Building Supplies

Any fencing material

Any lumber material

Garden sheds, greenhouses, gazebos

Portable Storage structures

Shelving and storage cabinets

Metal hinges, nails, screws etc

Sheet metal/steel roofing

Window screening

Patio stones/cement blocks

Eaves troughs, roofing material


We’re collecting “Superbucks” to help off-set the costs of fresh fruits and veggies.