What to do if you find a sick, orphaned or injured animal

Rescue an animal only if…  

The parents have been killed

The animal appears cold, weak or injured

It is in obvious danger  

Use care and lots of common sense!

Sick and injured animals can be unpredictable and may appear very “tame”.   Always wear gloves and err on the side of caution!

Place it inside a strong, well-ventilated container suitable for its size and strength (cardboard box, dog crate, recycling bin etc.)

Provide some bedding material such as a tightly woved towel, blanket, newspaper or tissues.  Make sure there are no loose strings or loops for the animal to tangle up into.

Place a hot water bottle (pop bottle is good) wrapped in a towel inside the container.  This is essential for warmth and comfort even when it's a warm day

Cover it securely and keep it in a warm, quiet area

Do not attempt to feed it as this can cause additional stress

Always move slowly and quietly around the animal, and if you must, speak in a low, calming voice

If the animal is dehydrated (the skin "tents" when pinched; the eyes are sunken; the gums are pale), never give food but provide some form of re-hydration.  Water,  or unflavoured "Pedialyte" (available at drug stores),  can be given in small amounts.  If the animal can lap from a dish...great!  If not, then use a syringe or eye dropper and drip small amounts into the corner of their mouths, making sure they swallow without choking.

Home-made Re-hydration Fluid

1/2 tsp salt

2 Tbsp sugar

1 quart (approx, 1 litre)of warm water

Click on this link to find a rehab centre closer to you

Call WWS at 705 286-1133 or a wildlife rehab centre closer to you for assistance

Do not email us if this is an emergency! 

Always keep in mind the welfare of that animal and not your emotions andfeelings about it…too many orphaned and injured wildlife die needlessly when they are smothered with kindness.