WWS is a year-round wildlife rehabilitation facility located on 45 acres in the Haliburton Highlands, Ontario.  Most species of injured and orphaned wildlife are accepted, rehabilitated and released back to their natural environment. 

  Each individual life is important, and discrimination among species is not in our vocabulary.  At WWS, we believe every wild animal deserves a second chance and should be treated with equal respect, as each and every one has its own importance within the circle of life.  From tiny newborns to injured adults, we work tirelessly to ensure their survival and ultimate return back into the wild.  

   Each year, more and more species are making their way up the Species at Risk list.  As their natural habitats diminish, and climate change takes its toll, we give them a helping hand in hopes of making a difference, now and for generations to come.  We care of each and every wild one as if they were the last of their kind.

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WWS is a non-profit, 100% volunteer-based charity. Every penny donated supports the rehabilitation and release of orphaned and injured wildlife.

Our Mandate is to...

Rehabilitate and release orphaned and injured wildlife back into their natural environment

Educate and promote a better understanding, respect and appreciation for our natural environment and all its inhabitants